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VIDEO Hobbs officer involved shooting

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VIDEO below from HPD officer on Feb. 23 shooting. Viewer discretion is advised.

VIDEO above from HPD officer on Feb. 23 shooting. Viewer discretion is advised.


Blake Ovard/News-Sun

Around 10:29 p.m. on Feb. 23 Hobbs police officer Jorge Carrillo stopped to help what appeared to be a stranded motorist in a 2003 Dodge Ram dually pickup on Turner Street.

That stop resulted in a shootout between Carrillo and the truck’s owner, Daniel Ramirez, 27, of Hobbs. Carrillo was shot in the leg and Ramirez later died at Covenant Health Hobbs Hospital from the gunshot wounds.

Carrillo’s body camera, as well as those of other responding officers, recorded what transpired at the scene. The News-Sun has obtained the footage from those body cameras.

HPD officer Carrillo’s body cam footage

On Carrillo’s body cam footage he is seen radioing to dispatch and stating he is going to attempt to help a stopped motorist on Turner Street in front of the Valero gas station. Two unidentified women can be seen standing in front of the license plate on the Dodge pickup, and Carrillo is heard telling dispatch the plate number as he’s approaching the vehicle. He then starts to ask questions about what the problem is.

“Whose truck is this?” he asks.

One of the two unidentified women is heard telling Carrillo, “his.”

A woman, later identified as Janessa Perez, is seen standing in the open rear driver’s side door of the truck, and a person, later identified as Ramirez, is seen sitting in the driver’s seat with what appears to be jumper cables or some other wire.

Carrillo asks both Perez and Ramirez to exit the vehicle and talk to him, while they both ignore the order.

“Step out here real quick,” Carrillo tells Ramirez and Perez, who continue to ignore the officer. “I’m not dumb, both of you guys come over here.”

Ramirez continues to concentrate on the wires in his hands.

“Bro, listen to me,” Carrillo is heard telling Ramirez. “Both of you guys.”

Carrillo then asks dispatch for a return for the “28” he had called in about for the ownership of the truck. A 10-28 check is a code used by police when asking dispatch to run a vehicle registration check, so officers in the field can know who a vehicle is owned by.

Perez is seen moving from the rear seat area and blocking Carrillo’s view of the driver, while Ramirez appears to be getting out of the vehicle with a backpack. For a split second it appears as though Ramirez is going to engage with Carrillo, but instead flees in a sprint going behind Wells Fargo Bank.

Carrillo gives chase while radioing to dispatch that Ramirez has fled on foot and he is giving chase. The HPD officer is seen and heard on the video telling Ramirez to stop, pulling out his department issued taser and giving a warning sound with it while telling Ramirez to stop because he doesn’t want to deploy the taser.

“Hold up bro, or I’m going to taze you,” Carrillo tells Ramirez while running.

Ramirez continues to flee while Carrillo continues to give chase and warn Ramirez he will use the taser.

The chase lasts only a few seconds as Carrillo reaches Ramirez, grabs him, and they both fall to the ground. Carrillo keeps repeating the warning that he does not want to taze Ramirez, and for Ramirez to put his hands behind his back. Ramirez is seen on his stomach, holding a backpack while Carrillo keeps instructing him to put his hands behind his back, because Carrillo did not want to taze him. Carrillo had his taser against Ramirez’ back.

Ramirez continues struggling to break free of Carrillo.

The footage is shaky as the two struggle with each other, but Ramirez eventually turns over and has some separation from Carrillo. Ramirez can be seen with a gun in his hand and fires at the HPD officer, who later was found to be shot in the left leg. Carrillo then returns fire on Ramirez, who was later found to have been shot in the torso.

The rest of the footage from Carrillo deals with his being taken care of by several fellow officers until paramedics arrived. Carrillo also briefs the other officers about the females who were on the scene and are no longer present.

After officers take Carrillo’s bullet proof vest off, he is heard saying, “I gave him a chance to give up. I gave him too many chances.”


HPD officer Carreon’s body cam footage

Carreon arrives on scene and exits his vehicle yelling for someone to stop and that he is Hobbs police. He chases who he is calling to, while still shouting for the person to stop. That person, wearing a gray hoodie is then seen on the video footage, and is later identified as Janessa Perez.

Carreon places Perez in handcuffs, and she can then be heard calling to Ramirez. Carreon tells her to, “shut up,” then leads her toward his patrol car.

Two shots can then be heard. Perez screams, “no.” Carreon yells, “Get down, Get down.” A steady burst of at least nine shots are heard in succession. Carreon again tells Perez to get down, and starts to run in the direction of where the gunfire emanated from, while calling, “shots fired” over the radio.

Carreon arrives a few seconds later beside Carrillo, who is seen laying on the ground. Carreon, is heard shouting “let me see you hands. Let me see your hands” to Ramirez, while he has his weapon drawn.

He then asks Carrillo if he is OK, and where he is shot.

“In the leg,” Carrillo responds. “Be careful with this guy.”

Carreon approaches Ramirez who is on the ground several yards away, then goes back to Carrillo and helps him apply a tourniquet to the left leg where Carrillo was shot. Multiple sirens are heard as other law enforcement begins to arrive on the scene.

A generated voice is then heard, “Sending body run down in 10 seconds.” Both officers continue to put the tourniquet in place on Carrillo. “Sending body run down in five seconds.” Five seconds later the voice says, “Body run down.” That voice is an automatic, computer-generated voice that notifies dispatch whenever an officer stops moving or become horizontal. It contains health information similar to what may be on a fitness watch, so the officer’s condition can be ascertained.

A few seconds later, other officers can be heard in the back ground telling Ramirez, “Stay on the ground,” “stay down, don’t move,” “stay right there,” “let me see your hands.”

Carrillo calls out to the other officers, “Be careful ese, he’s got a gun, the male subject with a cammo jacket.”

Ramirez can also be heard screaming in pain.

At about the 2:55 mark on his body cam footage, Carreon looks up and says, “Where’s my unit?”

About a minute later, Carreon tells an officer of higher rank that his patrol unit is not where he left it parked.

“My unit is gone,” he said.

Another officer who is helping with Carrillo is then seen telling Carreon, “Someone moved it. It’s over there.” That officer then points toward the Wells Fargo drive through.

The rest of Carreon’s body cam footage shows him helping with Carrillo until paramedics arrive, then helping mark off the crime scene and retrieving his patrol vehicle.

It was later determined Perez, while handcuffed, had taken Carreon’s police vehicle, but had crashed into the bank’s drive through.

HPD officer Carrasco body cam footage

Carrasco arrives on scene and runs to where Carrillo is on the ground and helps Carreon with a tourniquet. He then cuts Carrillo’s pants leg to identify where the bullet entered his leg.

Carrasco is the officer who told Carreon his vehicle is moved over to behind the Wells Fargo Bank.

After about two and a half minutes, Carrasco is summoned to the officers who are trying to give aid to Ramirez in order to put a compression bandage over Ramirez’ gunshot wounds.

He is seen getting a medical kit from his car and running back to Ramirez and the officers doing what they can medically until paramedics arrive about two minutes later.

On the News-Sun website, this is where the video is cut, but officers continued to give Ramirez care, keeping him awake, and bandaging his gunshot wounds until Hobbs Fire Department paramedics arrived.




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