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Inmate’s girlfriend paid $5,000 for prison drugs

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The girlfriend of an inmate at the Lea County Correctional Facility reportedly told police she has trafficked thousands of dollars of drugs into prison for her boyfriend, collecting $5,000 from “grandmas” and other people outside prison walls.

Brenda Rae Guerrero, of Las Vegas N.M., was arrested by the Hobbs Police Department earlier this month and charged with bringing contraband into a prison and trafficking controlled substance, both third-degree felonies.

Authorities allegedly caught Guerrero attempting to smuggle heroin and Suboxone into the Hobbs prison on May 31, although Guerrero wasn’t charged until Aug. 4 as the narcotics investigation continued. Guerrero reportedly provided police information about the “grandmas” to whom she sent and received money and the name of the man who gave her drugs to take into the prison.

Hobbs police were called to the prison operated by the Geo Group on West Millen Drive on May 31. The prison’s Security Threat Intelligence Unit had learned through various sources that Guerrero was attempting to smuggle narcotics into the prison.

Police said Guerrero was approached within the prison by a prison sergeant and that she surrendered seven small balloons containing a total of 11.7 grams of heroin and 33 Suboxone strips. Suboxone is a powerful, highly addictive prescription drug used to treat opiate addiction.

During an interview with Lea County Drug Task Force agents, Guerrero reportedly said she had gotten in an argument with her convicted boyfriend the day earlier because he wanted her to “meet up with people to bring stuff into the prison.”

Guerrero reportedly said she did eventually meet with someone at the request of her boyfriend and obtained the heroin and Suboxone to bring into the prison.

“Brenda advised she didn’t know how much heroin, she just grabbed them when they delivered it to her,” states the criminal complaint against Guerrero.

Guerrero said she both received and distributed money derived from prison drug sales.

“I asked Brenda if she had received any monies, Brenda advised (her inmate boyfriend) would send her $100, $150, $300, $400, $500, $600, $700, $1,000 through other people and would tell her to save it,” states the criminal complaint. “Brenda advised this has been going on since he arrived to GEO.”

Guerrero reportedly said she most recently obtained $40 from “somebody’s grandma” on May 30. The woman had called Guerrero and gave her the $40 that was owed to her inmate boyfriend.

“Brenda advised she had sent a total of $2,000 (of drugs) to (her boyfriend) and has received back a total of $5,000,” states the criminal complaint. “Brenda advised (May 31) was the second time she had visited (her boyfriend) since he arrived at (the Lea County Correctional Facility). During her first visit Brenda advised she had brought (her boyfriend) 20 strips of Suboxone. Brenda advised she was aware of what she was doing was illegal and what she was bringing was contraband.”

Guerrero had her first appearance before Hobbs Magistrate Judge Craig Le Bree on Aug. 5, who released her on $5,000 bond. Guerrero’s bond conditions state she may not visit any prison or jail and she is subject to drug testing.

Guerrero’s preliminary hearing before Magistrate Judge Willie Henry is scheduled on Sept. 4.

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