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Letter: ‘Hobbs isn’t getting my money for gas’

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Dear Editor,

I read your article about our high gas prices. I would like to say I, too, have noticed the high gas prices. My wife is disabled and we go to her specialists in Lubbock four times a month. We have a Dodge Ram pickup, gasoline V8 with an 8-speed transmission and 26-gallon fuel tank that gets 25 to 30 miles to the gallon, depending on the weather and how fast I drive.

We don’t buy gas in Hobbs. We buy it in Lubbock. I can make a round trip to Lubbock on three-quarters tank of gas. When we go to Ardmore Okla., we fuel in Lubbock going and fuel in Ardmore on the way back and top the tank off in Lubbock on the way back.

My wife’s parents live in Silver City, N.M. We can drive to Las Cruces on the same tank we drove back from Lubbock and fuel up. Fuel up in Silver City on the way back and fuel up in Las Cruces to get back to Hobbs. So, we don’t let them mess with us.

Gas price in Ardmore, Okla. is $1.42. The Valero station in Wolfforth, Texas was $1.22. Last summer, Las Cruces was $1.55. Silver City’s gas prices were always 40 cents higher than here. Now we are 60 cents higher than them.

I remember years ago when a storm hit the Gulf all rigs and plants shut down, gas prices went up all over the nation and then a year afterward, all prices went down but ours and the attorney general investigated and said the gas stations were doing no wrong. They were legal, just no competition in our area. It’s just wrong. But Hobbs isn’t getting my money here for gas.

Marshall Jenkins, Hobbs

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