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Code enforcement and Bisco teach kids to “Keep Hobbs Beautiful”

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Code enforcement and Bisco teach kids to “Keep Hobbs Beautiful”

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Sometimes kids learn important life lessons easier from costumed characters — and so it was Thursday in Hobbs.

The City of Hobbs Code Enforcement and their furry costumed mascot, Brisco The K-9 Dog, teamed up to teach the children at the Hobbs Public Library about what Code Enforcement does and the importance of “Keeping Hobbs Beautiful” by picking up litter, leading the children in a pledge “to be litter free.”

Dispatcher for the City of Hobbs Code Enforcement Department Evelyn Nunez, lead the interactive program, and explained why it was important for everyone (including adults) to do their part to keep areas in Hobbs, like parks and schools, clean from graffiti and litter.

“Everyone in Hobbs is one big family. Its a community and we’re all working together, and that’s very inline with what we do at Code Enforcement,” Nunez said. “We work with not only Code Enforcement, but Animal Control and all of Hobbs as one unit together.”

Nunez told the children what her job as dispatcher involves, including receiving and interpreting calls then relaying the information needed for officers, so officers are able to attend to the situation.

Code Enforcement officers told the children about the teamwork involved from when Nunez receives a call, to the information relayed to them, and then the communication with the person or community member to better understand city ordinances.

“What we do is take the calls that Evelyn receives and we go to the calls,” officers explained. “We look into the calls and give things like warnings and citations to make sure the environment is safe for y’all.”

Nunez added, one of the Code Enforcement Department’s goals is to educate the community on city ordinances many might not be aware are being broken, and explained the difference in laws and ordinances.

“They do issue citations and warnings for ordinance violations, but our number one thing is education with the community,” Nunez said. “If there is somebody breaking a city ordinance, we have to make sure that person understands what the city ordinance is.”

With mascot Larry The Litter Bug out on a different duty, Nunez introduced his best-friend and teammate in the mission to “Keeping Hobbs Beautiful,” mascot Brisco The HPD K-9 Dog.

Nunez said there are 22 parks in Hobbs, and presented a slide show comparing the differences between clean parks and schools and litter-ridden ones. She also asked the children which they would prefer.

The presentation covered topics like being aware of litter a person has on them. Litter is everyone’s problem, and everyone must do their part to stop littering.

Nunez also told those in attendance about some of the common items usually found littered at parks and schools, and set up an activity to show how to safely pick up that litter.

Before starting the interactive practice of safe litter pick up, everyone raised their right hand and took the litter-free pledge.

“I pledge to keep the City of Hobbs clean and beautiful by not littering and by helping spread the message to all of my friends and family to do the same,” they said.

Nunez said some items can be dangerous to pick up, and taught the children how to safely dispose of litter using the right equipment and tools.

Code Enforcement and Brisco geared the children up with safety vest, gloves, trash grabbers and set them up in a fun trash pick up relay — where the children raced to pick up trash and place it in a bin.

After the children completed the trash relay, Nunez told the children to notice how fast it was when everyone worked together, and explained how long it would have taken if one person had to pick up all the trash.

“Imagine if only one person was picking up trash and everyone else was throwing trash, that’s kinda how if feels sometimes in Hobbs. Everyone working together made this, literally, the fastest trash pickup I think I’ve ever seen,” Nunez said.

Bisco ended the presentation by handing everyone a “I pledge to be Litter-free” sticker, and did what Brisco loves to do the most — give high-fives. The children laughed and smiled as everyone in the program received a special Brisco high-five.



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