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Bikes for kids

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Bikes for kids

Oilfield Ministry donating bikes to children in need


Donnie Hill says God has more ways than one of working through people. Though sometimes we may not know it or recognize it at first, God calls us in many ways each day to do his bidding, Hobbs resident and Oilfield Ministry leader, Hill said.

And, Hill believes the work he is doing today is exactly that — God’s work.

Oilfield Ministry was created in early 2021, but according to Hill, it has been something he has been working on most, if not all of his life.

Though not born or raised in Lea County, the father and grandfather has grown to call the area home and has established roots here.

“I have ridden my bicycle for many years — which started out as a benefit to my health,” Hill told the News-Sun. “As time progressed, I began riding for fundraisers for cancer, diabetes, underprivileged children, the American Red Cross, Heart Association and many others. So serving is not new to me. I love helping folks especially children.”

As Hill progressed through his career he felt the call to bring the word of God into the oilfield and continue to do the Lord’s work, Hill said.

“During my career, I have seen about anything you can imagine. Good and bad. I have seen beautiful things come from people in our industry, but I have also seen the dark side, which is present in every industry,” Hill said. “Over time, as a supervisor, I began praying over the crews following safety meetings. After the safety meeting’s prayer, I would offer a Bible to those who were receptive. I did not know how to pray about their needs, but God lead me through and it worked out.”

Oilfield Ministry is a small ministry, run by Hill and family and friends who dedicate their time ministering to the oilfield and helping people. The ministry does not have a regular place they meet, or a scheduled time or date. They take the ministry into the patch — to where the oilfield workers are working and can’t get to town for a hot meal or church.

Hill said the ministry serves as a bridge between churches, other non-for-profits, and anyone in need of help. Locally, he has worked with Cissy Diaz, owner of Cissy’s Food Ministry, Weekend Hunger Initiative, Habitat for Humanity, Isaiah’s Kitchen, St. Helena School and many others.

One major project Hill said he is currently working on is donating bikes to children and youth in need.

The reason he chose to donate bicycles is because one day he was in a local store and heard a young girl asking her mother for a bike for Christmas. The mother said the family could not afford the bike and the little girl could not have one. The girl continued to ask and plead until the mother turned and walked away.

It was from that moment, he knew he had to do something for the youth come holiday time, Hill said.

“I thought of my children and it broke my heart. As a result, there will be fewer broken hearts in Lea County this Christmas because Santa will get them a bike,” Hill said smiling. “We will give back to the community, and God, as the community and God has provided for us.”

So far, Hill has delivered 50 bikes to Jal, another 43 to various children in the community, and still has more to give.

But, Hill’s work isn’t limited to helping groups of people. He also helps individuals and families.

Hill received a phone call one day from someone who knew of a family in need. This family had no basic necessities that are often taken for granted — toothbrushes, toothpaste, a heater to stay warm and other daily needs.

“It sounded like someone was really in trouble to me,” Hill said. “For it to be that bad, there’s something not right about that picture. But, I can’t judge that. It’s not for me to judge.”

Hill met with a woman who knew the family, handed her some cash and told her to use it to help the family.

“This family had to meet some criteria with another organization to receive help and we (Oilfield Ministry) don’t have any criteria that a person has to meet. We don’t have any expectations. We’re not here to compete with anybody, we’re here to help,” Hill said.

Though Hill’s instincts were to initially be hesitant about handing someone cash, Hill stopped himself and said, “Who am I to judge another person’s situation? We have to take people for their word because that’s what Christians do. We trust that what you’re saying is what you’re doing.”

Hill said he has big aspirations for the future, and is planning to set up a scholarship at some point.

“We are currently in the planning stages of how to set up a scholarship fund to help folks who want to enter the energy sector,” Hill said.

For those looking for assistance this holiday season, they can reach out to the ministry via social media.

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Oilfield ministry can be reached at https://business.facebook.com/oilfieldministry7

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