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Hobbs to annex 82 acres, expecting future development

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The City of Hobbs Planning Board approved an action item during Tuesday’s regular meeting for the annexation of 82 acres located along Grimes St., southwest of the intersection of Millen Dr. and Grimes St.

The annexation is in anticipation of a future subdivision to be built.

“As it sits right now this is just the annexation of raw land and then of course the future subdivisions will be located within this annexation area at that time,” City Planner Kevin Robinson said. “Municipalities will be getting all of the dedicated easements and right of way.”

Whenever a property is annexed by a municipality, that piece of property, or in this case raw land, is brought into city limits.

When a plot of land is brought into city limits, a developer can then tie into city water and sewage which in turn allows for the development of the property into commercial or residential subdivisions depending on the zoning.

When asked about the annexed property’s intended use, City of Hobbs Mayor Sam Cobb was unable to provide an definitive explanation as to what future plans are for the land. Cobb said that when viewing a subdivision plat, it typically shows intended use whether that be for commercial development, single-family homes or multi-family development.

“The subdivision plat that was part of that presentation typically illustrates the use of the land on the subdivision plat,” Cobb said. “It shows the lots. Typically there will be descriptions relative to that.”

However, when viewing the subdivisional plat diagram presented during the meeting there was no illustration clarifying the intended use of the land, there was only a shaded area showing the location of the land. No subdivided lots or any use other than the subdivision name was listed.

Another item discussed during the planning board meeting was a preliminary plan approval of Westminster Hollow and Third Village.

The approval of the Westminster plan creates a third subdivision in the area of Millen and Ja-Rob Lane. A question was asked if there were any known drainage or flood problems in the area and the only issue noted was a portion of the area is in a flood plain as well as a low-lying area.

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