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Multiple Lovington streets to be resurfaced

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Multiple Lovington streets to be resurfaced

Lovington residents should keep an eye out for street resurfacing work within the next three weeks. Street closures are expected in areas that will undergo resurfacing.

IPR Ltd. of Albuquerque will resurface different segments of streets throughout the City of Lovington starting on Monday through May 8. According to the city, surfacing work is expected to take “only one day” to complete. Some of the streets that will receive resurfacing include Van Buren Avenue, Central Avenue, Brian Urlacher and Jefferson Avenue. The roads will be closed from 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. on the day of scheduled resurfacing work.

“Residents on the affected streets are asked to relocate your vehicle(s) prior to 7 a.m. on the day of work,” the city announced this week. “Trash pickup has been contacted, so please set your trash out a day early if construction falls on your particular pickup date. We request that citizens do not drive or walk on the asphalt until the road is opened up as it will affect the curing process.”

The project is estimated to cost $467,027.34. Lovington Public Works Director Wyatt Duncan said it’s about eight miles of road, but there’s going to be about 19,000 square yards of material added to the project, which would be an half mile to a mile more.

On Monday, IPR will resurface Van Buren Avenue from Eddy Street to Commercial Street, Love Street from Avenue D to Avenue G and 1st Street from Mesquite Street to Juniper Avenue.

The next day, April 24, the streets undergoing work are Juniper Avenue from 1st Street to Main Avenue; Love Street from Avenue G to Avenue J; Jefferson Avenue from East Street to Eddy Street; Adams Avenue from Main Avenue to Love Street; Van Buren Avenue from Love Street to Eddy Street.

Duncan explained it involves a slurry seal and IPR Ltd. will put about three-eighths of an inch thick of a mixture on the streets. The mixture is Portland cement, water and crushed aggregate or rock.

“So, it’s like a powdery substance. It’s actually mixed on the truck,” he said. “It’s all one unit and they mix it all together and dump it into a slurry box, which mounts to the back of the truck and they can just drive along.”

Duncan said it’s to help seal the roads for another eight to 10 years.

“It’s just an extra thing that we’re doing to help preserve the roads in Lovington,” he added.

The city also stated resurfacing work will be rescheduled if there’s inclement weather or equipment failure and residents would be notified. IPR Ltd. will provide notice of construction dates to residents within the affected areas. It also stated that IPR Ltd. assured that road work closure will not “interfere” school drop-off and pick-up. For more information, contact IPR Ltd at (505) 292-3331 or Duncan at

(575) 704-9171.

Street resurfacing list

Monday: Van Buren (Eddy-Commercial); Love St. (Ave. D-Ave. G); 1st St. (Mesquite-Juniper)

Tuesday: Juniper (1st St.-Main St.); Love St. (Ave. G-Ave. J); Jefferson (East St.-Eddy St.); Adams (Main St.-Love St.); Van Buren (Love St.-Eddy St.).

Wednesday: Juniper (3rd St.-1st St.); Love St. (Ave. J-Ave. K); Jefferson (Love St.-East St.); Avenue J (7th St-2nd St.).

Thursday: Central (9th St.-5th St.); Jefferson (Main St.-Love St.); Adams (Love St.-East St.); Avenue J (7th St.-11th St.).

Friday: Central (5th St.-3rd St.); Madison (13th St.-16th St.); Gore (6th St.-9th St.).

May 1-2: Brian Urlacher (2nd St.-Ave. R Apartments)

May 3: 6th St. (Polk-Gore); 8th St. (Gore-Jackson); Monroe (13th St.-16th St.)

May 4: 1st St. (Juniper-Gum); Ave. H (9th St.-15th St.)

May 5: Jefferson (9th-Main)

May 6: 6th St. (Ave. K-Brian Urlacher)

May 7: Aspen (9th St.-15th & Polk); Central (3rd St.-Main)

May 8: Birch (9th St.-12th St.); 8th St. (Polk-Gore); 6th St. (Gore-Jackson)

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