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Hobbs boy grows hair to help others

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A six-year-old Hobbs boy got about 16 inches of his hair chopped off on June 6, while wearing a huge smile. It was no ordinary haircut and years in the making.

Honor Hill started growing his hair about three years ago with the intent to donate his brown locks away to help others facing hair loss. The motivation for doing so came after his cousin in San Angelo, Texas, was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of five. Honor responded by starting to grow out his hair in order to give to other children.

“To give to kids who didn’t have that much hair,” Honor said June 7 on why.

After years of growth and “a lot” of questions, Honor finally took the plunge and got the cut where it was sectioned off into separate portions. His locks of hair will be donated to the Michigan-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, “Children With Hair Loss,” which is dedicated to assisting children or young adults facing hair loss. Children With Hair Loss began in September 2000 and its original focus was to assist children with cancer, but expanded to cover other conditions that may result in hair loss, according to its website.

Honor’s mother, Jessica Hill, explained how her cousin’s diagnosis sparked Honor’s interest in donating the hair away. She also said the cousin is now in remission.

“He was very young, inquisitive,” Jessica said. “He’d ask questions and as he kept seeing the fundraisers go on and seeing commercials on TV, I would explain to him ‘that’s what your little cousin has’ and they lose their hair.”

Jessica said she told Honor some people grow their hair so it can be turned into a wig and he thought it was “really neat.” Honor then decided to start the process.

“We kept growing it and anytime he got mistaken for a girl and we kind of get the funny looks because he had such long hair — he would just let them know he’s donating it to kids with cancer,” she said.

A day after the haircut, Honor was shy to talk about his deed, but summed his feelings up with one word. He’s “happy” now that’s it cut. Honor added that he’s open to growing it long again, but wants to keep short hair… maybe until he’s “17.”

“I would like to do it again,” he said.

According to Children With Hair Loss, the organization provides “human hair replacements” at no cost to children and young adults facing medically related hair loss. The medical reasons for hair loss include cancer treatments, alopecia, trichotillomania and burns. The organization’s website can be visited at www.childrenwithhairloss.us where it details how to donate and how to apply for hair.

Some requirements for hair donations are listed by Children With Hair Loss. Donated hair is preferably at least eight inches long, clean and dry, and “pony-tailed” or braided with rubberbands on each end. Non-treated hair is preferred, but not required if it’s in good condition, while gray hair is also accepted.



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