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The News-Sun is available in two formats under the Online Newspaper tab: an interactive PDF or a static PDF where each page renders as a separate file. You can also download all the pages at once as ZIP file. The interactive PDF format is under “ePaper” while the static PDF is under “Today’s Edition.” A searchable database of prior editions is available under ePaper Archive. We strongly recommend a broadband Internet connection for reading the News-Sun online.

Please click one of the choices below:

Online Subscription – $8.75 Monthly

Your choice of a recurring month-to-month ($8.75) or a year-to-year ($105) subscription with archive access. (Your User ID is limited to five IP addresses in a 24 hour period.)

Online Day Pass – $4 A day pass provides the current edition and 24 hours of unlimited access to our archives.

Home delivery subscription Traditional print subscriptions vary in price depending on your location. Call our circulation department at 1-800-993-2123 or 575-393-2123 for more information.

Questions about online subscriptions If you have questions or wish to cancel an online subscription, email us

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